Don’t waste time and money on bad recruitment!

Any self-respecting recruiter will take their role seriously.  Very seriously.  The easiest option for any recruiter is to flood a client with a litter of CV’s, hoping that one of them will hit the jackpot and result in a hire.

However, this short-term gain is more often than note a long term failure for both the recruitment agency and it’s client.  It’s important that recruiters strive to make the best hires.  A recent report showed that businesses in the UK are still failing to hire the right candidate for two out of five roles.

The report, commissioned by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) declared that a bad hire at mid-management level can cost a business more than £132,000.

Yet, despite these alarming losses, many recruiters still rush to fill places for their clients, leading to mistakes – and early firings.

“Our company prides itself on presenting our clients with quality rather than quantity in terms of applications,” commented Cherie Hodder, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Birmingham based agency have recently worked with Premier League sides West Bromwich Albion, Stoke City and Chelsea, successfully filling key roles at these clubs.

“The attraction of working in sport attracts a higher than average percentage of applications.  Many clubs we deal with are quite specific in that they want a pre-determined skill set whilst some insist they must have worked in sport previously.

“However, perhaps understandably, this doesn’t deter some would-be applicants and we have to be quite firm and filter these out.  Sadly there are also a small percentage of applicants whose CVs are – should I put politely – are not completely honest with the truth.  We are commissioned by our candidates to present them with the best possible short list, and that is what we had to do.” pride themselves on the quality and longevity of hires they placed in their birth almost two years ago, however Cherie acknowledges recruitment can be a difficult business.

“No recruiter can guarantee every single hire will work long term, there are so many mitigating reasons that lead to a parting of the ways somewhere down the line, and you can’t always legislate for that.

“However we need to ensure every candidate we present has been vetted to our extremely high standards.  And that’s exactly what we do.”