New Year new start?


Go on, admit it, going back to work after a break over the festive period is always a tough task.

Some of you will be fortunate to have a job which you enjoy, feel valued, fairly paid and have a visible achievable career path.  Sadly the chances are that some of you will not.

Everyone has a wobble now and then, however the chances are if the thought of leaving your current role has crossed your mind on more than one occasion, then now is the time to do something about it.

Companies around the UK will be preparing budgets for the financial year around now, the chances are many will have money set aside for new hires.  Could this be for you?

What would you like to do?  A change of scenery or a change of industry?  You may find your skills are transferable.  The thought of a fresh face with new ideas can appeal to many companies.

Job hunting doesn’t have to daunting, in fact listing all your skills and achievements on a piece of paper can be a morale boost you may need.  Before you ponder any further, set yourself some goals before applying for any role.

Polish your CV

Remember this will be the first and (maybe) only chance for you to sell yourself to a potential employer.  Make sure it’s up to date, accurate and checked for spelling etc.  Three pages should be the optimum as it’s unlikely anything more than this will hold the reader’s attention.

Think of yourself as a shop window, the more appealing you are, the more interest you will receive.

 Practice writing the perfect cover letter

You’d be surprised how many applicants fail to submit a covering letter.  This doesn’t show your application in the best possible light.  A quick search on the internet will find a host of draft examples you could take inspiration from.

 Check and ‘clean’ your social media newsfeed

Believe it or not potential employers will often search for an applicant’s social profile ‘online’ to give them a better perspective as to who they may be looking to employ.  Are there any postings or photos on your history that may come back to haunt you in the future?  Check again!

 Re-vamp your LinkedIn profile

Time is an important commodity to any company, meaning they will only want to interview people whom they believe will add value to their business.  Linkedin is popular business tool these days so use it wisely.  If you struggled to break your CV down to three pages, why not use it was an ideal way to supplement this?

Furthermore, should you be fortunate enough to be granted an interview, it’s wise to try and gain some knowledge of the person(s) you will be meeting.  Again, Linkedin is a window to their very own CV!

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 So now it’s up to you.  Remember ‘If you don’t like where you are, move.  You are not a tree!